UPDATED | Link to live video podcast on Oct 18, 2020 – MEND™ reaches the outer limits of our brave new world


Delighted to be hosted by Jason Tramm for his dynamic live video podcast series, on Oct 18 @ 8 pm EDT.

MEND™ reaches the outer limits of our brave new world.

Listen to Jason Tramm interview Mardi-Ellen Hill on Sunday Oct 18, at 8:00pm EDT.

Jason Tramm of MusicMatters 2020 will be interviewing Mardi-Ellen Hill on his new video podcast that features distinguished members of the performing community and explores the most important issues affecting active engagement in the arts today, impacted by the global COVID- 19 pandemic.

Music Matters brings diverse innovators, ideas and audiences together to create a broader, collaborative musical community to inspire new solutions to unprecedented challenges.


      1. CLICK this LINK at any time before the broadcast time (8pm EDT on Oct 18) to set a reminder to view the Live Interview.
      2. Use the same link to access the Live Interview at the announced time.
      3. After the live interview, it will be archived, and we will post a link on this website with the Archived Interview for your viewing pleasure.

SNEAK PEEK: Listen to a 3m 30” MEND™ soundbite narration, in the run-up to (or after) the Oct 18 event.

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