broadwayworld | BWW Exclusive Interview: Mardi-Ellen Hill and The Universe of MEND™


by Erica Miner | broadwayWORLD | May 11, 2020

“With so many creative projects in abeyance in these times of crisis, there are a number that stand out. Big fans of film, television and video, especially those involving A.I. and similar topics, are eagerly awaiting a resumption in this art form. One of the outstanding projects in development is the Universe of MEND™ franchise.

“Described as a multimedia experience / cross-media entertainment, MEND™ (“music encode decode”) is the unique concept of Mardi-Ellen Hill, award-winning writer, business consultant, an innovator in the world of business synergy and integration, and creator-inventor par excellence. A new global entertainment enterprise, MEND™ depicts the world of a psychological thriller for young audiences with an intergenerational hook, involving a family dynasty’s genetic secret hidden within a penetrating, specifically coded musical composition.

Read more… BWW Exclusive Interview: Mardi-Ellen Hill and The Universe of MEND™

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