MEND™ a New Media Invention unlocked in book one: THE SKELETON SCORE


Music as classified intelligence. MEND™ -music encode decode – is an intelligence (cognitive) genetic pattern hidden in a family’s ancestry. The powerful Barringtons have a secret that connects them in perpetuity. What happens if this secret goes rogue? In the 21st century the meaning of an age-old song connecting all the members of an ancient family, is unlocked by an inventor seeking to share his family’s powerful gift with the public. Henry Barrington works undercover for the U.S. government. When his pop star daughter mysteriously lands on the family melody, she is murdered. Henry disappears. The blueprints of his MEND™ invention, a software built for commercial use are missing from his office.  

Suspicion mounts in a minute by minute attack on his family. The public disclosure of the events surrounding the star’s murder, the value of the song and the estate fight she leaves behind, builds a frenzy in world markets. The balance of power the Barringtons were gifted through her connecting voice is gone. Only her mother, the ousted Lily Barrington, has the genetic link that can locate the MEND™ blueprints, find Henry alive and restore the family name. 

Time is running out on Lily’s damage control mission. Scroll down to read more about THE SKELETON SCORE, a cosmic thriller taking you into our brave new world!

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5 thoughts on “MEND™ a New Media Invention unlocked in book one: THE SKELETON SCORE

  1. Brooke

    What an intriguing premise! I can see myself getting lost in these stories, ever trying to predict what comes next. I love how Mardi uses MEND to link generations, continents … and all mankind. Can’t wait to delve in further!

  2. I’m so curious to learn more about MEND and the powers it holds! Can’t wait to read more about these fascinating Barringtons…Thanks, Mardi!

  3. Hayley Johnson

    Fill in the blanks…..that’s what this is really. Fascinating! There is a beginning and an end, you ARE the middle. You become the story. This has the capacity to be VERY advanced software. A female software/entertainment/educational entrepreneur comparable to Bill Gates/IBM Watson/Walt Disney with a twist of Tim Burton characters unfolding in Washingtion DC rolled in one, in an election year, possibilities are endless! Cognitive and brilliant.

    • Hayley Johnson

      can you imagine the gaming? And this is only a blog. I can see the characters at Con. What character will you be?

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