The Skeleton Score Revisited


Introducing, the fiction thriller, THE SKELETON SCORE. The book shares in the tradition of the “Da Vinci Code”. My narrative breaks new ground. The content brings an encoded musical signal to life in language we all speak. 

THE SKELETON SCORE is a teen to middle-age adult fiction thriller/sci-fi novel bordering on the very real-time interstellar science we are encountering. The book is approximately 175 pages. It is the first book in an epic series.

Quest of protagonist, Lily Barrington: the wife of U.S. inventor, Henry Barrington, unearths critical US data that decodes a notebook left behind by her murdered teen star daughter Rachel. While writing a hit tune, Rachel and her writing partner unwittingly land on the most delicate US intelligence.  Her father’s MEND™ operating design, a powerful new software is at risk. A notebook in the hands of a child on the other side of the Atlantic has been stolen. It holds pivotal access to the software. If Lily does not uncover the age-old meaning of the melody, the actions by a possessed audience will provoke revolt in city after city, where the teen star’s amazing melody is being downloaded and understood. The crowd’s viral thread is already heading right back to the US where Monday morning markets are affected. Dire consequences loom. Steamy sex scenes involving Rachel’s family show up. It is a trading game of secrets, with big stakes over the US power in world markets. What will get that notebook full of the star’s score back into our US hands? 

Mardi-Ellen Hill is a two-time recipient of an NEA for a New American work. She has won numerous awards, honors and prizes for her stage work and music composition. Ms. Hill is a Wall Street Journal ‘Woman Of Note’. She is called upon regularly to speak as a thought-leader and contributes to trade magazines using her MEND™ application in corporate issues and strategy. She recently spoke on international panels at the Hotel Penn and Tavern On the Green. Her greatest love is working with her tech team designing the MEND™ knowledge-based platform.  THE SKELETON SCORE is her first book of fiction – a diabolical memoir. 

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4 thoughts on “The Skeleton Score Revisited

  1. Steve Infanti

    once again. This is an amazing technology and a terrific book. This has a lot of applications beyond what you are doing here

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