A wunderkind’s internal GPS lines her family’s pockets with gold



Rae’s Theme:

Is this amazing capability a weapon, or the future of humankind’s salvation?

Graffiti. Not American. This kid is spelling out the hidden GPS route of a melody chiming through the city.  High noon. Her father, a Hedge Fund wiz figures it’s a slam dunk. He’s hidden in the shadows, sending a message over his mobile to his assistant in the States. What reigns in nano form will become a scripted global execution.

The strange tune (play above) is his family’s ancestral melody. A Brand source code encrypted in the tune, will launch a virtual elevator. The lift is primed to deliver product through a digital library that encrypts all data using the family’s latest invention MEND™. But the family, spread out across the globe, is in a merciless fight over the ownership of MEND™.

Something goes terribly wrong. In a global setting the tune has a mind of its own. Scroll down for the story of how this powerful dynasty brings hidden knowledge to earth in the 21st century. If only we can get aboard their magic, before they destroy their ancestral gift…?

21 thoughts on “A wunderkind’s internal GPS lines her family’s pockets with gold

  1. Nyla Frazier

    My name is Nyla, we met at the Time Warner Center and we are looking forward to receiving an invite to your event.

  2. Sophia Katz

    Wow Aunt Mardi… I am so impressed with this. I can’t wait to learn more about this very creative and futuristic story. Also, I want to learn more about what happens to this family! The story seems to connect both the past and the present, which is so unique and different from other stories! I also love the music! Such a beautiful piece!

  3. Mardi- world shaker with out of this world creativity. Perseverance against brutal odds, and your beautiful, intriguing, complexly simple epic has gained wings. You deserve all the best keynotes and every other perk for your accomplishments. The planet is glad you exist!!!

  4. john kiehl

    As planet earth turms into the chaotic winds of the 21st centuty, Mardi, your vision of how the nano scale maps onto the global scale (and vice-versa) will become more obvious to everyone. Your fans — those already familiar with MEND — will have a headstart. MEND is a unique tool which makes the invisible visible, the disparate connected, and the chaotic structured. Bravo and encore!

  5. J E Huber

    Beautiful music and complex story Thank you for it’s ongoing evolution and unfolding. It provokes many feelings and responses, and then carries you to the next place. You are doing amazing things with storytelling and technology, thank you again for sharing your many talents and commitment!

  6. Diane Snyder Brown

    I am astounded by this opus! Having known you since high school, where we shared a love of performing music, I am so impressed by how you have created this incredible, multi-layered work of music and technology and family intrigue. While it’s fiction, it’s based on such essential truths. There’s so much here that the world needs to see, experience, and reckon with. You speak for the voiceless. Can’t wait to see the next phase in this evolution!

  7. Margie Russell

    I now realize that disparate thoughts can be woven into a quilt. Also, this story made me think of groupthink turned inside out. As for the ancestry part, now that technology has made child’s play out of DNA tracking, you and I are no mistake. Both our maternal lineages come from Vienna, and we know what creative power that city boasts. I can’t wait to find out which of our grand(great-grand)mothers knew each other.

    Mardi you got it.

  8. Dana

    Your stamina and endurance never cease to amaze. The world needs to be part of your MEND universe. It has been a privilege to follow you on this journey thus far, and I look forward to all the wonderful things that will come your way.

  9. Beautifully composed and executed Mardi! Such an intricate concept. . As an artist myself, I have an incredible respect for your craft and am eager to get fully immersed in the story.

  10. Monica

    Mardi – congratulations on being chosen to speak at Lincoln center ! Your music and the MEND universe deserve the world’s spot light.
    I am always amazed at the dedication, love and energy with which you have used your talents to “give birth” to this project and with everything you take on. Bravo ! Your time has come !

  11. jan rowton

    The Da Vinci Code?! Pffft! Ridden with cliches like “slowly, I turned…” The movie was just another forgettable Hollywood formula. MEND is proving to be a unique achievement in that it is not only an exciting literary mystery/adventure saga, but a completely modern amalgam of music, dance, technology, and gaming. One-stop shopping for all your entertainment proclivities.

  12. I think this is an important…. you can’t just refer to it as a “story”, it transcends any kind of easy labeling. It’s words and music and mathematics and psychology and very very sophisticated technology, and the blending of all of these (and many more) elements is going to produce something magical

  13. Awesome Mardi, Love the music score and of course the evolution of the entire MEND technology, which continues to unfold! As usual, I along with so many others, think you are a modern day genius! It is no wonder that you are being sought out to be a keynote speaker on versatile forums. The world needs more people like you…

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