Rachel Barrington, Star in the prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE is the smoking gun.. She holds the secret pathway to the dynasty’s interactive technology: MEND™


IF YOU ARE AN INTERESTED BUYER / INVESTOR / PUBLISHER – I invite you to join me in a wonderful excursion by previewing our deck.. You will be able to get aboard the family elevator as it opens out into the various cites where the Barringtons trade and where their history was made.  You will be able to visit their special portals – vault, arcade, garden, harbor and palace. See how they manufacture product… and… how the family of characters operates to preserve their special world… and how a psychological thriller book series has a secret mission as manual for the future! Contact me: mardiellenh@aol.com

Rachel&RoseWithExplosionFor all of you who are new to this blog & those who have been following, here’s a scene that shows how the STAR singer in the epic saga, THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD powers up the force of her ancestry in a grand auditorium filled with with her devoted A-listers and relatives.

A compass that is a specialized MEND™ – musical encode decode tool – is reading and transforming all the performance data in the hall. Rachel is receiving her inheritance from her Matriarch grand-mère, Rose.  Rose Barrington is sending her a hidden message, that Rachel needs to understand as her own personal signature tag on her own song. If Rachel completes the phrase and fulfills her secret prophesy, she will compromise MEND™ security and open the family vault…

Rachel misses her mark. It is a close call. The star can’t seem to remember the four note passage that Rose passes to her. We can watch and soon partake in mobilizing her data. It is sifted and sent through several MEND™ portals for future use of her power. But then her real human form is hunted down soon after she leaves the auditorium, so that her personal signature ID, an address of her doll in the grand family plan Arcade, can be gotten before her life is snuffed out.

Rachel heads home to her killer. Meanwhile the compass forms a cloud that delivers the melody back to her mother, Lily Barrington, narrator of THE SKELETON SCORE. The compass/clock is stopped.  The vault is sealed.  Dynasty secrets are about to explode…

Everyone in her family has a motive to have wanted her signature.  It is a missing link to understanding how the powerful family began on earth in just one glorious day!

2 thoughts on “Rachel Barrington, Star in the prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE is the smoking gun.. She holds the secret pathway to the dynasty’s interactive technology: MEND™

  1. Sophia

    Very innovative blog Aunt Mardi! As I have checked each time you have forwarded me the links it seems very cool and very technological. The story that you have created seems one that I will like to read and I hope others will feel the same! Hope to see you soon.

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