Child’s play, cracking the ice

"Sol Mi Do Re" opens the vault

“Sol Mi Do Re” opens the vault

The Saga:
A story about a powerful and dangerous dynasty. The Barringtons are an American family with a 21st century global business. A secret vault houses their history and their encryption technology.

Their Secret: 
A child in Paris has been programmed for the first eight years of her life to recognize and notate a musical pattern. The noted pattern turns the family estate into value in multiple territories around the world, at the transference of the family inheritance.

The Access: 
The child’s notebook holds clues to the originating microcosm of their gene pool. Their family structure shapes our macro world.

The Pattern: 
A puzzle and prophesy that appears in chapter one of the prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE. Four syllables of  musical solfeggio: Sol Mi Do Re opens the vault.

The Stage: 
The place where the musical puzzle brings the original family scheme back to life. As the star Rachel leaves her performance, she is murdered. She was about to write down this pattern.  Rae’s theme is left on earth for all global readers and users to follow in order for the family’s MEND™ – musical encode decode technology to be learned and used.

The Guide: 
Lily Barrington, mother of the star, and of the child in Paris, Lily is the wife of the inventor, Henry Barrington.   This sexy duo shares secrets you will need to uncover before you can ride on the thrilling wave of MEND™! Rae’s theme is capable of bringing all of the character voices back to life through the voice of Lily Barrington. But as you will see, Lily has herself in quite a jam in a freeze frame action surrounding U.S ownership of the MEND™ technology.

Scroll down for entry into the family vault.  Click on Meet The Melody Makers for a quick who’s who in the family!

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