23 April 2011 “Living Art” Live interview with Jay Davis on KBZZ Broadview illuminating MENDtm, and streamed live around the world – Nevada, Paris and beyond…


imageWelcome to a travelogue of clues on AIR!

Jay Davis of Nevada KBZZ/FoxNews 1270 interviews Mardi Ellen Hill live, with internet streaming on Saturday April 23, 2011.

The interview previews Mardi Ellen Hill’s book: THE SKELETON SCORE– a psychological thriller about a new and powerful invention. A clan’s public fight over access and ownership, unwittingly gives the audience an evolution advantage in the global leap for power.

A musical dynasty works their magic. Every century their ancestral DNA code is hidden in a new technology’s design.

A murder of a well known STAR occurs. It is the 21st century and secrets of identity are no longer possible. The family finds itself threatened by a global audience able to decipher clues to their hidden messaging capability via the launch of a powerful new invention: MEND™- musical encode decode!

Local Times:

Nevada: 3:05pm
New York: 6:05pm
London: 23:05pm
Paris: 00:05am (Sunday 24 April 2011)
Hong Kong: 6:05am (Sunday 24 April 2011)
Sydney: 8:05am (Sunday 24 April 2011)

Listen to Live Stream:

(Click on “Listen Live” in header at left.)

Callers’ Line:
+1 775-823-1920

Lady Jay was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2006 for over 25 years as a radio personality. She’s been on the air in Los Angeles, Seattle and chose to make her home here in Nevada. Her desire to connect with her audience has taken her to talk radio. You can hear real life in her voice.. She makes every guest comfortable. Be careful she will get you to tell all your secrets…. Now on Fox News 1270 Saturday 2-4pm.You can email Jay at broadview1@live.com

Mardi-Ellen Hill, author and inventor has been covered by:

  • FOX Talk Radio 99.1FM, 2011, hosted by Eddie Floyd, continuing in-depth interview series. Interviewing Ms. Hill and teammate John Kiehl.
  • Recognized by Artisfactions.com: “Today’s Creative Chosen One = Mardi Ellen Hill for her amazing and innovative talent for writing, thinking and implementing!”
  • Francisco Lopez’s 2010 review on The Miami Examiner, City Secrets: Will this be the next Harry Potter?. . . the next Da Vinci Code?
  • Karen Tortora-Lee’s 2010 review on The Happiest Medium, Another Universe Is Just A Click Away: Meet Mardi-Ellen Hill – Multi-Media MENDtm Maven
  • Caitlin McNamara’s 2009 review in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Heights Author, Inventor, Musician Explores New Entertainment Model
  • Sheri McMahon’s 2009 review, published in several outlets, Mardi-Ellen Hill: The Media Powerhouse of Brooklyn Heights
  • Earlier press coverage (1990’s) included articles in The Music Connoisseur, Newsday, Artspeak, and The Boston Herald.

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