Eddie Floyd of Nevada Matters, reveals that the MENDtm universe is discovered in the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE…


Eddie Floyd, host/reporter of Nevada Matters, a feature on Fox 99.1FM TALK Radio, North Nevada, posted the following to his Nevada Matters FaceBook page, earlier today. The broadcast date is still unannounced.  Watch this space!

You won’t want to miss this first installment of an interview with author, inventor, playwright Mardi-Ellen Hill and her colleague John Kiehl. Mardi has written an allegory that unravels today’s chaotic times through a story of international intrigue, personal struggle, family dynamics, scientific exploration, and technological invention. It’s a story of the human spirit at odds with itself and modern science.

Mardi’s fictional story, a series of books, entitled THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD chronicles the exploits of a well-known dynasty as it progresses across centuries and continents, bringing us to our 21st century era, when themes of power and greed collide with the virtual world. The privilege of insular power the family once enjoyed is dismantled from inside and outside the familial realm. Dynasty secrets that have been dormant for centuries suddenly erupt on a global playing field. Lily Barrington, protagonist and wife of the family inventor stumbles upon the source of the dynasty’s power and ancestry. In the prequel book, THE SKELETON SCORE, Lily’s voice transforms into the guiding force Mardi uses to unravel a diabolical familial scheme– one that enables the family to trade at a faster and more efficient pace, making sure their profits roll right back into their own pockets. That is, until, news of a dynasty invention prematurely hits the world stage. The release comes on the heels of a starlit’s brutal murder. Lily mission: to carefully unlock “skeletons in the family closet” — and it means walking a line between the curiosity over the use of the invention by world audiences and her family’s need to operate in seclusion. Lily’s quest becomes our quest. Each one of the members of the family has a motive to have killed the young starlit, who was about to reveal the access code to the invention as it appeared encrypted in her recent hit song. Each one of the dynasty members is capable of not sharing access with the rest of the world.

In a bold provocative voice, Mardi takes us back to Lily’s childhood and a RADIO scene that she shares with her brother Jack. As we enter the present day story,the memory of the voice of that long ago scene guides Lily through the family drama. Lily enters her greatest test, as she finds clues from her childhood radio memory that finally yield the access code to the invention. A four note DNA code is hidden in a musical key and is needed as proof of ownership and access to the invention. THE SKELETON SCORE brings us into Lily’s journey through the medium of radio and current technologies enabling world audiences to join in a spine chilling adventure.and unlock the family’s enormous power.

One thought on “Eddie Floyd of Nevada Matters, reveals that the MENDtm universe is discovered in the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE…

  1. Francisco Lopez

    Excellent review. It could be long but at this stage of the project, it might be good to follow the acronym MEND by (Music Encoding Decoding Universe), at least until the brand is established enough for people to associate MEND to the underlying meaning and activity of the concept. I think people will relate easier to the concept of using music to encode and decode things than to an abstract and, for most people, meaningless, MEND.

    IBM was (and still is) International Business Machines, now people know what is IBM about. UPS was United Parcel Service, now people know what is UPS about and they added Brown trying to associate the color with the brand. And so on.

    This is a freeby.

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