RADIO INTERVIEW – details to follow soon!


Stay tuned for a fabulous interview by the dynamic host Eddie Floyd, who spends a half hour interviewing Mardi as the creator of the MEND™ Universe along with her team member John on FOX EVANS BROADCAST, 99.1 FM Talk Radio.

For those who know a bit about MEND™ and those who are totally new to the universe, you will all find this moment riveting. The audience’s growing temptation to uncover MEND™ Universe secrets is revealed by the most unlikely Barrington candidate, protagonist Lily Barrington, in the prequel book, THE SKELETON SCORE.

A second show is planned to bring the real-time radio audience right into the 21st century dilemma handed to our unsuspecting heroine. Lily faces imminent danger in her role as family communicator, and has to toe the line between her loyalties to the family and to the audience’s desires.

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