Article: City Secrets: Will this be the next Harry Potter?. . . the next Da Vinci Code?


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City Secrets: Will this be the next Harry Potter?. . . the next Da Vinci Code?

  • November 5th, 2010 5:33 pm ET • By Francisco Lopez • Published on the Miami Website.  (No Permalink available)

Welcome to what could be the next Harry Potter, the next Da Vinci Code, or both, in a way that could resemble a mathematician-author Lewis Carol’s Alice in the Wonderland structural redux.

The articles in this City Secret series are about the things that give a city its character, things you will never see in a tourism brochure, its people and those who come to visit us. In example, you go to a city and you may recognize you are there. You come to Miami Beach you will see a truly eclectic mix of people from around the world.  We have the privilege of many celebrities and intellectuals living and visiting us.  In this opportunity professor Mardi Ellen Hill is exposing her work.

Imagine a family traveling through time and space, in a diabolic set of intrigue, facing all sort of magic adventures on different historical contexts and time frames and being careful of not altering history as their very existence in the future might depend on it. Still, they store history with the implied threat of unleashing it or a manipulation of it at a different time that otherwise it would, changing everything… See them entering many dimensions, including those concurrent to ours and using using music chords to variate the way their travel is and to locate each other through the continuum.

This is the world of Mardi Ellen Hill, one of the many interesting people of high intellectual caliber who appears in our cosmopolitan Miami Beach scene all the time. You can get more information on this site.

The following is an introduction to her work, taken from her web site. Better to let it speak for itself.

“Always there have been the Barringtons – not under that name alone but under many, from the start of human history to the present. A specially gifted genetic line, the Barringtons alone know the hidden order beneath the visible – an order of sound, of MUSIC in its many forms. They alone understand the hidden musical order’s powers, which are vast and almost entirely hidden from the rest of us. They are driven by a will to power that pushes them forward and at the same time makes many of them rogues and outlaws and traitors. Their family’s internal conflicts are written large in the history of the world.

In 2008, Lily Barrington, a lawyer and musicologist, ignorant of her family ties and her family’s powers, is investigating an insurance fraud, when she is sent to Washington D.C. She is unaware that she has been set up by her own law firm, to unearth highly guarded secrets relating to her family history. Lily discovers a disk – it is in an obsolete format, a CD-Rom filled with music interwoven with encrypted data.

During her stay in Washington Lily realizes that the CD belonged to her daughter, who is killed at the moment that Lily uncovers the CD; and that the disk unlocks the hidden musical order at the root of the Barringtons’ power. It can be used to save or destroy the world. As we enter the narrative, Lily is about to be surrounded by interrogators, who are hell bent on holding her in her hotel room at the Mayflower on suspicion of committing murder and other treasonous acts against the U.S.

THE SKELETON SCORE, tells the story of Lily’s adventures and discoveries as she travels from New York City to Washington, DC, and to Paris, learning her family’s special knowledge and power, becoming aware of an imminent global threat to humanity, a plot that could bring the Earth itself to an end, if she does not find her own special place in the Barrington plan.

To avert global catastrophe, Lily must find out who she is, what her powers are, and how they must be used if the world is to be saved, and she must survive her family’s attempts to kill her, control the disk and end the world. Her story will unfold in music, and it will end in music – the melodies encrypted in a frail plastic disk that contains the final secrets of the hidden musical order.”

Unfolding the amazing path of the Barrington history.

Barrington characters emerge, discover and vie for power over ancient secrets that control their destiny; a destiny that has given the Barringtons the present day knowledge to launch a powerful and dangerous 21st century invention, MENDtm. MENDtm controls language world wide. A diabolical ticking global time clock is in play as MENDtm’s secrets hit the air waves.

Track one unfolds. We hear a chilling news release — punctuated utterances of sound, are transmitting over the radio. The dynasty is in a fight over ownership and access to MENDtm. Secrets about the use of MENDtm’s character product workforce and ID capabilities are leaking to the rest of human kind. MENDtm has yet to be perfected and tested. Source of the leak is unknown. This very CD, looted from the family star, Rachel Barrington, contains the route and location of the hidden Barrington MENDtm initiation site, in Washington D.C.. It will be a roundabout chase through a maze of character motives and tunes, an global interactive ride to get to Washington D.C in time to use MENDtm.

A Bit of the Barrington History

The six tracks of the CD reveal migration routes of the phonetic tones created by a lost Barrington ancestor. The character tones in complex combinations, were used to orchestrate the language of a lost civilization. Only one character configuration reveals a distinct melody that can be used from any site, as the access code to the new invention MENDtm. Each character has a license plate/leitmotif tag and a MENDtm address that will link to mobile technology.

(See what is MENDtm at a party, where players will be able to purchase and access a CD.)

As we enter the party, the vocal star Rachel Barrington emerges from her NY Carnegie Hall performance. On stage, Rachel receives the melodic message about the whereabouts of the dynasty’s new leader from her grandmother Rose. Rachel races home in order to remember and write the unfolding message down. She is murdered before the meaning of the message is fully understood, but not before the real time simulcast melodic message, finds it’s way to Rachel’s mother Lily Barrington, who is staying at the Mayflower hotel in D.C.

The message that Rachel was to write down, unlocks the meaning of the family melody and where the family history would be found.. Lily Barrington, mother of the star, slated to take over the role Matriarch, Rose has that access now but Lily finds herself held for treason and the murder of her own daughter, locked in to a growing hostage situation.

Together with Lily we are locked into the Barrington family fight, until the real story of MENDtm, the language of the Barringtons, and their ability to drive text and copy by their secret tones is understood.

Stay tuned to what could become the next great adventure!

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