Quartet For The End of Time…


A story of a thrilling and dangerous new technology comes to life in the hands of four people. They have entered a room where the power of an age-old dynasty is located. Within the boundaries of this room, the dynasty’s trade secrets can instantly be transmitted to portals around the world. An inventor with a passion, his young star daughter, her lover, a programmer with an ax to grind, and a deadly assistant with a hook into the public’s yearning to get the goods… she’s the one with instant hacking skill.

Soon all users and readers will be able to enter this operating system. Welcome to a new cross-media platform. The dynasty’s transportation system is a unique model for data encryption and language.

Of all the insidious fights and long drawn out conflicts playing out in this room, the nastiest fight is over the control of a young child. She has the means to understand and relay the encrypted dynasty language. Her notebook contains the access code to the inventor’s invention, MEND™.

The book, details the voyage of the dynasty language throughout history. It reveals how the dynasty maintains and preserves their original genetic routing- communication power. A hacker’s delight comes round, when the book is stolen. Bidding builds momentum in global markets. The value of the book is to be determined. It must be unearthed on a certain coast on the day of the reading of Matriarch’s will. Time is running out.

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