The Barringtons , their divine power withstands corruption…. a story about a hidden gift and a new real deal technology!


MEND™Elevator01_4loopA Scrambled Message travels by elevator, floor by floor, a four syllable message unfolds in different scenes and cities, until it lands as a full sentence in a hidden destination in Washington D.C  Access code to the new technology MEND™, unlocks the ancestral secrets of a powerful dynasty. Learning the dynasty’s gift of narration, transmission of message, and high powered performance is a shoe-in for the public with this App demo!

But buyer beware, there is a devil’s bargain for this knowledge.

Inventor Henry Barrington, known for his secretive maneuvers and one-upping his shifty cousin, software designer Charles, is the guy who has set up this failsafe test drive for the new technology MEND™.  It is a thrilling ride meant only for those who really want to know about MEND™ power and protect it. It is also a love letter to his estranged wife Lily in the form of code.  The App will take any reader/user/player into the world of MEND™ and the Barrington saga – here the world will be previewed scene by scene as the characters vie to unscramble the notebook of the wunderkind child, Odette Rae.  After all, Odette Rae has spent the first eight years of her life being programmed to reveal this architecture (blueprint) at this very moment…

** For those who are new to the epic journey of the Barringtons, please go to the sidebar and read MEET THE MELODY MAKERS. It is the game play that unfolds in the first book: THE SKELETON SCORE.