Welcome to MEND™’s latest pathway into a thrilling story!


© 2012 Mardi-Ellen Hill/lightworkerarts.com

A dynasty endowed with talents, gifts and amazing survival skills reaches a boiling point of conflict, when a worldwide audience gets wind of the family’s private affairs. The inventor, Henry Barrington has invented a technology that mirrors his family’s means of operating. All of his family members can trade secret messages round the world. Before Henry finishes his character blueprint, it is stolen and released to the media. The consequences for all of us could be dire unless the original source code of the family power is located by one of their own members. The public now has a window into the dynasty’s private pathway of interactive messaging; a roadmap to their genetic hierarchy and their dynamic tools.

A child – in Paris, France – can feel the earth shake under her feet as a building explodes in New York City. She plays hopscotch and maps out a strange musical grid spelling out elements from the periodic table. An electromagnetic current is affecting everything from the ocean floors to the layers of the atmospheric envelope above. A hidden route around the earth emerges as word of the MEND™ release emerges and a diabolical plan to foil Henry’s plan goes wild. Minutes are left for Henry’s wife, the protagonist, Lily Barrington to take us into the prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE. It is a tale of how the Barringtons came to control the world with their amazing musical power.