Mardi Ellen Hill endorsed by Artisfactions on FaceBook as “Creative Chosen One of the Day”, Feb. 1, 2011


Tracy Saunders posted notice of this honor, today (Feb. 1, 2011), referring to the FaceBook Artisfactions page.

For those without FaceBook membership, she wrote: (facebook fan page) Today’s Creative Chosen One = Mardi Ellen Hill for her amazing and innovative talent for writing, thinking and implementing!

Mardi has completed a book/game series as a business vehicle; and a legal thriller, “The Spell of Vaugirard”. It is new entertainment franchise model that presents an innovative platform for copyright in a wireless world. Each of the charac…ters in the epic holds a different part of a melodic puzzle. All product lines are connected by music clues that form a puzzle. The dynasty puzzle is the TRADEMARK ENCRYPTION for the global enterprise.

Product Lines Available:

  • RAE’S DREAMLIFE – CD liner notes to secret language
  • (Check out the blog & get to download the first chapter of The Skeleton Score for free.)
  • The Skeleton Score Book Jacket text and Clues to the Diabolical Plot.
  • The Spell of Vaugirard – A Summary of The 5 Book Series by Mardi Ellen Hill.
  • The Trick Palace – Film Script
  • Soundbyte Rae – Initializing Music CD
  • Numerous Video Game/On-Line Platforms
  • Full Music Library of Other CDs
  • Visual Prototypes & Tools
  • Education & Business Applications & Books