A world stage playbook unleashes a powerful new phenomenon – MEND™


David Wilks of Torus Tutors Tutoring Academy highly recommends Mardi-Ellen Hill’s MEND™ story as an excellent learning tool to any institution engaged in critical learning and thinking.

Hill’s MEND™ Universe brings the topology of Musical Art [DW1], Geography, History, Mathematics and Science into a composite orchestral piece that allows students a unique connection to all of these academic areas: i.e., the science of evaluating and appreciating how musical notes relate to the Geometric Structured DNA helix within them.

Hill’s masterpiece teaches students the all-important transcendent connections between Mathematics, Art, Science and Music, in its Quantum Mechanical ideas. In MEND™ the unique yet related melodic functions connect the past century with the present, penetrating the past by opening it up with a keystroke. Students learn how this relates to another property of Quantum Mechanics called Quantum Tunneling: the ability of a particle to penetrate an impenetrable, such as a solid wall, and end up on the other side of the wall. It follows that we may someday be able to penetrate the past and travel back into time at speeds faster than the speed of light, in and out of time and space, through a journey in its keystrokes.

Most jaw-dropping is that Hill’s MEND™ masterpiece, written before the turn of this century, was unbeknownst to us, to become a foreteller of the virus now upon us, simultaneously forcing its captive sheltered audience to fully embrace AI (Artificial Intelligence) (A.R) Artificial Reality and V.L.) Virtual Learning…. taking them into a new epoch. Ironically, this experience is opening a new world of tremendous avenues of opportunity for our scholars in these now fully evolving technologies.

More info at: https://menduniverse.com/2020/04/30/voyage-with-me-a-deep-love-of-discovery-unearths-a-new-era-in-the-realm-of-mend/

Credit: Erica Miner

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