Book One: THE SKELETON SCORE – When a teen star is murdered her last song drives her audience to her family’s diabolical past


“…They had been warned several times. No matter thousands of loyal fans swooning from her sound poured out of the concert hall. They jumped like hyenas over guard rails and roped off areas in order to get near the stage door. Within seconds, the amphitheatre blew up into a towering blaze of flames. The infectious message of her melodious voice left an indelible mark upon their faces. Expressions of ecstatic repose hardened.

Time stopped. Next morning all that was left was a mound of incinerated dust and bits of skeleton. Flesh no longer, only bones appear to glitter in the harsh sunlight. A communications system telegraphing the location, date and names spreads the signature tune across the horizon. The sorry site drives a punctuated streak of lightening across the sky. These souls would be remembered. Crashing thunder is heard by their earthly heirs. Time zone after time zone is heated. The reverb of the tune pounds the surface of the earth. A stream of cuneiform indentations marks an echoing path of the tune as it comes back to us.

A fight of astronomical proportions revs up over ownership to the melody. After all everyone on earth is in some way related to the huge throng of people who had come to the theatre. These are valuable remains with a startling ability to transmit life anywhere in the cosmos. Who knows what the benefit could be, or for that matter the cost? Luckily almost no one could read this hop-scotching message except in parts, until an ambitious enraged American inventor, Henry Barrington, decides to bring MEND™–music encode decode full screen operating system access to the public. And for reasons his separated wife Lily Barrington unearths, public access to the MEND invention is stopped. No one knows for sure exactly who was saved … ” The Universe of MEND™

Stay tuned!

READ ON: Lily Barrington’s intelligence mission unearthed, in the detailed breakdown of the Story, below! And more…

Mardi-Ellen Hill’s MULTI MEDIA Project (in final development):

The Universe of MEND™

  • Read the detailed breakdown of the Story (Please click pdf or image below to read)


  • Take an uncharted journey through epic adventures in a new world.

  • WATCH the latest video trailer

  • LISTEN/Watch Executive Producer Mardi-Ellen Hill explain a live analog performance that digitally transports an audience, blurring lines between fiction & reality.

2 thoughts on “Book One: THE SKELETON SCORE – When a teen star is murdered her last song drives her audience to her family’s diabolical past

  1. Elizabeth Kiernan PhD

    MEND is simply my favorite addiction. This spectacular work is like a Hoover vacuum, once you begin you are instantly sucked in …..and as long as you have it with you, you’d never want to leave. Stating this work is a brilliant masterpiece would be a gross understatement.
    ☆☆☆☆☆Absolutely addicted for more☆☆☆☆☆

    Elizabeth Kiernan PhD

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