Feb 19th event was a terrific success! Great attendance and fun by all. Video to be released shortly!


The program that introduces this trailer can be read below…


MEND™ A Technology revealed in the Master Epic
The Spell of Vaugirard from Creator and Composer
Mardi-Ellen Hill

19 Feb 2015 Event: Program Page 1:

MEH Multimedia is a groundbreaking enterprise targeted to the expanding market for cross-media entertainment. The core business is the marketing and sale of the epic adventure/mystery tale of the members of the Barrington Family as they use the MEND™ Technology to fight each other for control of mankind’s future.

Using unique, geographically linked musical clues, the Barrington saga will roll out through projects in traditional media (beginning with print, and moving to film, video, and music/soundtrack) and new media (including video games, DVD, Web, and wireless.) MEH Multimedia will offer the kind of complex, interactive universe required by savvy young consumers of entertainment today.

Program Page 2:

As the Star Wars universe centers around Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, and the Dune universe focuses on House Atreides, the Universe of MEND™ revolves around the Barrington family and their unique gift, inherited over centuries, that allows them to perceive the fundamental structures of the real—the “implicate order,” as it is sometimes called in modern physics.
They perceive and manipulate this order primarily through music, which gives them the power to sequence DNA through a music-based code.

The Universe of MEND™ portfolio of assets include:

  • The five book series proposal [Contact Mardi-Ellen Hill for details]
  • The Spell of Vaugirard original Epic
  • Registered film script
  • Accompanying soundtrack/CD
  • Video Game Mechanic (initially projected as single user, for console system)

Program Page 3:

Mardi-Ellen Hill, MEND™ Creator

Mardi-Ellen Hill, MEND™ Creator

About Mardi-Ellen Hill

Mardi-Ellen Hill, Founder, Creator and Visionary, is a winner of numerous NEA and other prestigious national and international awards. Ms. Hill has a history of executing highenddelivery, while moving through many disciplines (see her credits and bio on her website).

She is known for building product and educating loyal and equally multidisciplined talent at top speed. Her knowledge of her core business and product reach, including the moment of projected timely distribution, is
keen. The story of one’s genetic identity and work heritage, as it unfolds the unconscious-conscious path of a life, is a narrative that has engaged Ms. Hill since childhood. The drama of science and it’s mysteries are her tableau.

Executive Producer, composer, inventor – Mardi-Ellen Hill was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a member of its 2014 ‘Women of Note Network’. Recently, she was featured on panels of expert at two major symposiums held by NYARM at the Hotel Pennsylvania and Tavern On The Green, and featured in an article published in the Mann Report’s February, 2015 issue.

Mardi-Ellen Hill is the CEO/Founder of MEH Multimedia and inventor of
MEND™ technology and multimedia assets.

Program Page 4:

In 2002, Mardi-Ellen Hill was the recipient of an ASCAP award in for her work as a pioneer in the world of music invention and application in multiple markets. In 2000, as a professor at LIU, Ms. Hill was selected to represent the University in Washington D.C., at the definitive educational/literacy conference on “Intellectual Property and Distance
Learning”, sponsored by the PEW Charitable Trust.

She also developed/executive produced a Leadership Symposium where she introduced Kenneth K. Fisher, Brooklyn Representative to the New York City Council, as the keynote speaker.


Special thanks to our sponsor, performers and panelists:
Margie Russell, Marissa Licata (violinist) Rosaline Murphy
(moderator), John Kiehl, Jose Martinez, Paris Cheffer, Peter Lurie and
David R. Iannone Jr.
Extra special thanks to Winifred Chane, Cornerstone and Converse for
the hopscotch sneaker support.

Contact Information:
Mardi-Ellen Hill (Executive Producer)
e. mardiellenh@aol.com
w. http://mardiellen.com/
w. https://menduniversebuzz.wordpress.com/ (here)

2 thoughts on “Feb 19th event was a terrific success! Great attendance and fun by all. Video to be released shortly!

  1. The Skeleton Score and the whole Vaugirard Series is brilliant! So
    much going on here, yet all masterfully orchestrated. The
    shifting narrative voice reminiscent of Dos Passos’ U.S.A. trilogy.
    Murder mystery, sci-fi thriller, portrait of the pop/classical music
    fusion biz, the age-old power of music, the synesthesia that Oliver
    Sacks wrote about, the venues from medieval Vaugirard to contemporary Washington, New York, St Petersburg, the old and new aristocracies of wealth and culture — all that and more. Amazing how it all fits together! But that is after all the mission of the novelist — to make sense of the dizzying (not to say bizarre) events that bombard us daily through the news and social media. That connecting of the dots can only be done imaginatively, in fiction. Beyond that, a new genre is required to make sense of the present moment. That also Mardi-Ellen Hill has done — what a tour de force!

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