A Covenant Sealed in Ice


THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is a cross entertainment media platform that chronicles the lives of the powerful Barrington dynasty. Unlocking the dynasty’s origin is a thrilling and dangerous voyage. The story itself introduces and propels a new technology based on the Barrington character’s private messaging operating system. The theft of MEND™ – musical encode decode, by one of the dynasty members, allows the public to enter the story. A news leak breaks out a diabolical twist of fate, surrounding the murder of a BARRINGTON STAR singer, Rachel Barrington.

The Cloistered Vault

The Cloistered Vault

The leak casts suspicion on the full circle of people who handled Rachel’s career, including her mother, father and grandmother, arch Matriarch Rose Barrington. Along with news of Rachel’s passing, we hear how her inventor father, Henry Barrington has modeled his new invention, on the ancestral path of her amazing voice. And that the invention has been held up for years over an internal family fight with his cousin, software designer Charles Hobbes. Charles is always one step ahead of everyone in the family. His covert actions, escape notice on this day.  Everyone had been awaiting news of the Matriarch’s retirement. Now the murder and the invention have taken center stage. As the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE opens, Charles has quietly taken MEND™ and engraved the family origination seal in the elevator keypad at the hotel in D.C where Lily Barrington, mother of the star is staying. Unbeknownst to Lily, she is soon to be inheritor of the family estate. Only Lily’s personal entry into the elevator cab, and her own hand on the engraved keypad will activate the family private MEND™ system. The human transfer and activation of software meets hardware has to be a perfect match for the inheritance to be legal and fully messaged/ documented in the Barrington secret cryo-vault. Lily is set up for a trap – a trap for her to speak and incriminate herself by narrating one of the biggest plots the U.S. has ever waged in the history of the world. Scroll down to the previous post to see the elevator and how the messaging system works to light up the world with the U.S. message alert!

2 thoughts on “A Covenant Sealed in Ice

  1. hayley johnson

    “Covenant sealed in ice” would be great Lindsey Sterling scene in her video Crystallize…..yes, I’m a huge Lindsey fan:) and she’s from Gilbert, AZ where my kids go to school. Lindsey, come to MEND!

    • hayley johnson

      I’m sorry Lindsey, I spelled the last name wrong……its Lindsey Stirling……definitely bringing violin/dubstep/pop to the 21st century!

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