Carbon Footprints Spell Murder in the Prequel Book: THE SKELETON SCORE



Carbon Footprints Spell Murder

Like the night sky glittering with stars and planetary systems, the Barrington dynasty’s ancestry is spread out over the face of the earth. Made of star dust, as we all are, the Barringtons have a special gift, a gift of heritage that controls their destiny through the vibrations of music.. Over the centuries they have acquired their own library collection. In it are books and music that hand down a puzzle of their preferred genetics through many generations.  On this particular night, the Barrington corner of the world is expanding a mirror of their actions, in a sky that burns with intense and violent luminosity. A trap is brewing. The clan is in a centuries old quarrel around the ownership and claim to a hot new invention, an invention that will reveal how their gifts and possessions might be passed on to everyone on earth. The theft of MEND™, musical – encode decode program, becomes our uncanny  way of entering this clan’s private power. It is a divine power that juggles human gifts as they are transferred back into the cosmos to replenish the motor of  human survival — a power not to be taken lightly.

Using an iPad, loaded with a program known as MEND™, two young girls, living on different sides of the Atlantic speak to each other on line, not knowing they are related. Today the girls will unlock the Barrington dynasty vault, a place where music’s riddle of life is archived by the clan.. As they play on their Ipad they stumble upon a key that identifies a family score. The familiar music, a song known as Rae’s theme is familiar hot buzz that attracts the clan world wide. The song encourages the clan to assemble under one roof. It is a grand occasion: a NY performance by the STAR Rachel Barrington and her Matriarch grandmere Rose Barrington. Drawn into the room by the very sound, RAE’S THEME instantly aligns the family’s genetics, returning the clan’s brains to a  frequency that makes our known physical universe horizon appear on the dawn of each day.

This knowledge has not come easily to the members of the clan. They hold their rights very tightly to their chest. MEND™ capability has a seating plan that unfolds the clan’s membership order in a succession of inheritances.  The tune leads us to a vault where the dead of the Barringtons are buried. As the door to the vault opens, many of us will be tapped by the tune and trapped in the story of the clan’s intense conflict, unable to escape the lure of their need for center stage.  The real journey is about our learning MEND™’s origins and staying alive.

A fight to the finish is on for each Barrington member’s claim to their portion of the universe. Each member walks away with their part of the family score as  it first was heard bringing magic to earth. The interconnection of these character’s brains have a beautiful symmetry that keeps our planet spinning in the sky. Rachel Barrington, the hot number of the clan happens to hold the central theme and star position in the family. Her killer, raging with jealousy believes she holds too much power  She is murdered to repay her family debt. .An explosion occurs at the office of the inventor, The trademark insignia of four notes that Rachel was to have penned as heir to this family fortune has been ripped away. The family score needs to be evened out for daylight to re- appear anywhere on the earth. This horrifying debacle happens on American soil, making Americans targets of a global espionage plan.

Protagonist Lily Barrington, holed up in her Washington DC hotel, a women who married into the clan — a part of the rest of human kind just like us, knows nothing of her own legitimate genetic place in this family hierarchy until she becomes the prime suspect of her StAR daughter’s murder.

The tune Rachel Barrington leaves behind, provides the powerful lightening rod to Lily’s memory and our challenging salvation. That is IF she can stay alive. Lily’s cell phone, ringing with her daughter’s tune, Rae’s song is ringing off the hook…

7 thoughts on “Carbon Footprints Spell Murder in the Prequel Book: THE SKELETON SCORE

  1. Putting it all into perspective with this new edition, I still have no doubt you have genuinely created a 21st Century Masterpiece in the making for generations to enjoy. The future of MEND looks very bright! My best to you always…Marisela D’Baldriche

  2. There is someone who has come up with a different twist of fate – as you read about the Universe of Mend – be sure to examine everything – at the present time the first chapter is up and ready to take you forward into the past and present as characters are searching for the clues, how you find them is an art. This will be in book and application (game) form, and I do expect whomever invests in this finished project will be far more than pleased, it is one of a kind. Mardi has worked for years to master this idea along with some wonderful artists – congratulations, now they will read all that they need to go further into your world. Sincerely, Nancy Denofio

  3. Lynn Smith

    Mardi Ellen Hill is a brilliant powerful innovative writer and music composer. This book will reach the #1 spot on the best seller’s list as soon as it is released it is impossible for it not to. I am so excited and thrilled to get this in my hands and start my journey. I know it will eventually make it to the big screen or HBO…

    Lynn Smith

  4. This sounds absolutely fascinating. I can see these two girls as the lynch pin (ala the Harry Potter kids) in a long running series.
    So, when can I buy this book?!

  5. Paris Cheffer

    I have been following the progress of this for a long time and it keeps getting better and better. It has all the best elements of a great science fiction fantasy epic series. The great thing about this story is that it has ramifications for our world and how we live. It not only entertains but it makes you think like the best works of literature. I look forward to each installment and new development of this amazing work.

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