Special Section Hot News: 4 Major Interviews about MEND™ with Eddie Floyd


InterviewGraphicListen to a series of interviews depicting the flow chart of the MEND™ world.

Host: Eddie Floyd, Creator/Founder: Mardi-Ellen Hill, Colleague: John Kiehl

A series of 4 interviews are hot off the FOX news Evans Broadcast press. The dynamic conversations will be aired in coming months. HEAR Mardi discuss how her award winning stage-play acts as the hidden nucleus to a global puzzle. Clues to the puzzle are spread throughout media and products.

The play is hidden in the plot of the narrative. FINDING the access code to the new MEND™ invention unlocks the path of the play that the characters follow to do their bidding.

MEND™ — musical encode decode illustrates how important locating KEY ACCESS POINTS is when entering a new universe of embedded data. USING MEND™, print narrative is decoded into clues that mobilize and personalize a reader’s experience through preferred mobile technologies!!





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