Summary of the First of Five Books: THE SKELETON SCORE


The Barringtons are a well-known dynasty. A lost blueprint of their genome surfaces at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. The dynasty, prolific over centuries for science designs, business smarts, and music talent posts big losses overnight. By dawn, Twitter, Facebook, and Internet sites leak news of a new technology, allegedly designed by one of the dynasty’s own members. The technology is primed to replace the members of the clan, by replicating their own divine familial gifts.

MEND™ is a virtual mirror of the dynasty’s work and survival gifts–MEND™ encryption is available to the public with the stroke of a key that opens a vault. The vault is in a church in a village square. It must be accessed by noon.  But, noon where?!

No one in the dynasty ever appeared interested in their map or where its real-time site was originally located–this night is a different story.  The clan, threatened by the release of MEND™, is on the “influence” move.

Dynasty members are about to be replaced unless they can come up with a solution to foil the public’s access. Divide and Conquer–a useful dynasty tool in the past, will not work with audiences who have smartened up by using GPS and other symmetry tools to find information in cities other than their own.

By putting together the map with the dynasty’s personality and ancestral information, a global audience is led to the original Barrington vault in Paris.  The voyage through THE SKELETON SCORE is guided by protagonist, Lily Barrington.  Used as bait to nail her family’s gifts, Lily begins her journey unaware of her role in the family fight. In a minute-by-minute countdown, Lily exposes a treasonous playing field; one with endless possibility for mining her broken family and their golden ancestry.

2 thoughts on “Summary of the First of Five Books: THE SKELETON SCORE

  1. Francisco Lopez

    Interesting thriller in a differentiable writing style that will capture a segment of the reading population. This could make ea$ier to market target.

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