A note from Mardi: Navigation Rules of the Game.


For those reading this blog for the first time– an important FYI!  The formal linear narrative is a book series and a set of scripts that follows the same book story line.

Book One–The Skeleton Score–book jacket, opening soliloquy, and chapter one are found on the website.

The formal BOOK PROPOSAL, the FIRST 118-page script, and other items, such as the CD and game set-ups, can be requested by contacting me directly at: mardiellenh@aol.com

This blog is written in order to bring the reader into the puzzle of the MEND™ interface.  The familial design known as MEND™ unfolds clues to the characters over many centuries. Design elements link all the products together under one ownership roof! Found musical and science developments give the Barrington family knowledge, power, and lots of conflict to handle.

As the present day characters enter the 21st century they discover their almost magical evolutionary advantage.  The family’s need to update strategies in maintaining their business, changes abruptly as social goals and media become part of their dance. Issues around the balance of family power grows large and dire. Old territorial fights surface. One in-house crime in particular evolves into a present day central theme concerning the value to the deed to the land which the “original members” of the clan settled.  Who’s in and who’s out of that ancestry equation becomes pivotal to the understanding of the fight for MEND™ ownership and who’s voice is heard as the leader of the group. And why the Barrington by-laws include a hidden codex tag for each character in a hierarchy order that rises and falls in a pyramiding sequence. Tampering with any of the encryption mechanisms can cause a complete disaster, as threatens to happen in THE SKELETON SCORE, until the Matriarch, Rose Barrington is forced to give up many secrets around the Barrington inside world of power to the public.

A suggestion: read the blog posts from the bottom of the blog up. The development and usage of the dynasty’s artifacts and tools are made available to the audience along with the characters’ ability to act! Each character has a leitmotiv and a clockwork path of action. While the story can be read and enjoyed by anyone who loves a good thriller, the first out target age range is 15-35. That being said, folks well older than that are commenting by the day — the multigenerational generational saga has a big reach for ANYONE with curiosity on the “where we are headed in this brave new world” theme.

To find out more about each character capability and leitmotiv– please go to MEET THE MELODY MAKERS on the original website. I hope you enjoy this voyage!

The Barrington dynasty’s secret revolves around how the characters are programmed as a family.  They are ONE work force commanding a real-time USER-based technology: MEND™.  MEND™ is a technology taught to us by the characters; instantly available for use upon the strike of the bell that signals protagonist Lily Barrington’s narration of THE SKELETON SCORE.  A global audience will control where on the earth that first bell is signaled and heard and the multidimensional picture that unfolds as the narrative takes hold.

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