What is this? [Text version]


This is a story about a powerful dynasty. They have a secret. Unlocking their past, is the key to a media explosion.

A streaming of their character data unfolds their own language in any medium.

The key to their power is inadvertently revealed by one of their own members.

The protagonist of the prequel book, the skeleton score, has been pushed out of the dynasty fold.

Lily Barrington is our access point. Lily is in mortal peril. Her journey staying alive, is our hope into the world of the dynasty’s forbidden knowledge.

Y/A audiences, friends, buddies, relatives, adults of all lands and ages, come aboard for the thrill of a lifetime!

Begin by reading the Story Tagline! THE WINNING HAND and continue in the ESSENTIAL VIEWING: THE MEND™ QUICKSTART box in the sidebar…

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