Odette’s Turn I – An introduction (1991)



A showing from a new music- theatre work
Created and Composed by: Mardi-Ellen Hill

Presented October 1991 by Tango Productions, Meredith Freeman – Managing Director

The creation and development of Vaugirard was made possible in part by funds from:
The National Endowment For the Arts,
Opera-Musical Theater Program,
with additional support by FrenchRail, Inc.

Introduction: Mardi-Ellen Hill

Please scroll down for the Performance Video


The Performance

Dancing Odette: Ellie Klopp
Singer/Narrator: Stephen Kalm
Singer/Narrator: Mary Catherine George
Instrumentalist Oboe: Lana Schabloski
Instrumentalist/Saxophone: Mike Foster
Keyboard: Mardi-Ellen Hill

2 thoughts on “Odette’s Turn I – An introduction (1991)

  1. jan rowton

    enchanting…..the oboe will transport you….Im not sure where…but seems like a magical and mysterious place

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